Breast Augmentation in Chicago

The breast implant surgery remains one of the most popular cosmetic surgery operations for women seeking breast augmentation in Chicago. Over the years, many different types of materials have been used for breast implants. Currently, the most commonly used is the saline-filled breast implant.

Women who choose the breast implant procedure may not have developed adequate breast tissue, lost breast volume as a result of pregnancy, breast feeding or aging, or have uneven or misshapen breasts.

There are several ways for our surgeons to perform breast augmentation in Chicago at our facility. In order to tailor the procedure to your unique needs, it is crucial to discuss your expectations and circumstances with your plastic surgeon at your consultation. The implants may be inserted through different incisions either in the fold beneath the breast, in the pigmented skin around the nipple or underneath the arm, and placed either under the existing breast tissue or pectoralis muscle.

Recovery After Breast Augmentation in Chicago

The Breast Implant or Breast Augmentation procedure is typically performed under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis. After undergoing a breast augmentation in Chicago, most women return to their usual daily activities after one week.