Ear Deformity/Microtia/Ear Reconstruction

About one in 5000-7000 births results in an undeveloped or absent external ear (Microtia), though the statistics vary based on different ethnicity and location around the world. Microtia can go along with absence or underdevelopment of the ear canal and middle ear structures (Atresia). The surgical options for ear reconstruction vary based on the degree and types of microtia.

To reconstruct/built=d a child’s ear, the child’s own rib cartilage is used to shape the new ear and place it underneath the child’s own skin in the desired position.

Ear reconstruction is best performed after 6 years of age as the procedure requires adequate amount of rib cartilage to shape and match the other ear. The reconstructed new ear is the child’s own tissue and can grow with the child to some extent.