Male to Female Body Contouring Chicago

What is MTF Body Contouring?

Body contouring encompasses medical procedures that alter the shape of the body. Many individuals completing male to female sex reassignment surgeries choose to undergo body contouring surgeries, referred to as body feminization. These surgeries aim to alter the body to create and accentuate more feminine curves.

MTF body contouring typically involves both liposuction and fat grafting to enlarge an individual’s hips and buttocks, creating a more feminine curve to the waist and producing an average female waist-to-hip ratio. Additionally, abdominoplasty surgeries, also known as tummy tucks, can remove excess fat and skin to create a firmer, slimmer, tighter midsection.

MTF Body Contouring Cost

Procedure prices are subject to change based upon the number of procedures performed, as well as their duration. Prices listed below include the surgical fee only (additional fees for surgical compression garments will apply):

Abdominoplasty (may be combined with liposuction): $3500 – $5500

Mini-abdominoplasty (may be combined with liposuction): $3000 – $4000

Liposuction (depends upon location of areas treated): $2000 – $5000

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